24 – 26 October 2016

SoTL 2016 Photo’s

SoTL 2016 Photo’s: Cocktail Function and Prize Giving

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Welcome to the website of the ninth annual Stellenbosch University (SU) Conference on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). This is an in-house conference offered to Stellenbosch University academics. This conference aims to address all aspects of teaching and learning at SU in an open, supportive and intellectually stimulating atmosphere. It provides a platform where academics can:

  • share best practices, research findings and innovative ideas about teaching and learning;
  • reflect on and debate about teaching and learning methods, trends and goals within the current context; and
  • celebrate teaching and learning.

Stellenbosch University academics are invited to submit proposals about their teaching, their in-class experiences and their exploration of the scholarship of teaching and learning. The conference floor will be shared with speakers of renown in the field of university education. In addition the conference will showcase the teaching innovations and research by recipients of awards from the Fund for Innovation and Research into Learning and Teaching (FINLO).

The conference will close with a celebratory function at which various awards are made, including the best conference paper. This award is adjudicated by a dedicated panel, and the prize is a trip to an international conference on teaching and learning.

The annual conference is influenced by – and has the potential to enrich – the many different teaching and learning-related debates currently taking place at the University. It is hoped that the 2016 conference will make meaningful contributions towards moving some of these debates forward.

As academic professionals, we value participation in scholarship, not because it is required or expected of us, but because it is a vital part of how we come to understand our world. Jeffrey L. Buller, 2015. Change Leadership in Higher Education: A Practical Guide to Academic Transformation.