South to South's strategic goal is to develop and implement innovative programmes to support the South African Government's priorities and to improve HIV/TB health outcomes. Our focus is on pregnant women, infants, children, adolescents and those who are HIV/TB coinfected. The goal is aligned with Stellenbosch University's strategic priorities of research, training, community interaction and collaboration with other African universities.

Our four key objectives are focused on these priority populations, and this entails training at various levels in the area of HIV/TB health outcomes.

Objective 1: Train individual healthcare workers and relevant stakeholders.

Objective 2: Teach the organisation quality improvement strategies to improve the performance of provincial and district health systems.

Objective 3: Provide policy-level training and support by putting systems in place to create dialogue among national experts in order to improve the policy context for training.

Objective 4: Evaluate programmes and conduct research in order to document proven training and development activities.

South to South Strategic Goals

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