South African National Department of Health - Breastfeeding Training Material Development 2012-2013:

South to South successfully developed breastfeeding training material for the National Department of Health:

- Literature and Existing Training Material Review Report
- Breastfeeding course for policy and decision makers and managers
- Breastfeeding course for frontline health workers
- Breastfeeding course for people with existing training skills

South to South Strategic Goals

Comprehensive Family HIV Care, Treatment, and Support – 2009-2013:

From 2009-2013, South to South provided capacity building and technical support to the Department of Health and PEPFAR partner organizations in the following technical areas:

- Paediatric and Adolescent HIV/TB care, treatment, and support
- Elimination of mother-to-child transfer of HIV
- Infant nutrition and breastfeeding
- Psychosocial support, including adherence and disclosure
- Pharmacy systems support
- Quality improvement

During this period the following South to South capacity building and technical support program activities were funded by USAID:

- Off-site training of health workers in Paediatric HIV/TB at Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town
- On-site and in-service training of health workers in high-burden sub-districts
- Off-site training to DOH master-trainers and PEPFAR partner organization personnel
- On-site clinical mentoring of health workers in select sub-districts
- On-site systems mentoring, using Quality Improvement techniques in select sub-districts
- Technical support visits to district management teams, and provincial DOH managers
- Technical support contributions to NDOH initiatives, such as the PMTCT Steering Committee, and Paediatric Technical Working Group
- Operational research and program evaluation to improve program implementation and evaluate and disseminate best practices
- National workshops and forums to facilitate the dissemination of best practices in the area of training and mentoring to improve maternal and child health outcomes in the context of HIV

Highlights from this project include:

- South to South completed a 24-month quality improvement project in the Moretele sub-district, Bojanala District (North West Province). The combined PCR MTCT rate for all facilities in the sub-district decreased from 28.4% (2009) to 2.6% (2011). Improvements in critical steps along the PMTCT care pathway were demonstrated, potentially explaining the improved MTCT rate. The capacity building program resulted in innovative training, mentoring, and quality improvement tools and resources being developed, piloted, and implemented, that have since been scaled up at a national level.
- South to South successfully developed and refined an integrated district support model, based on the Institute of Healthcare Improvements Breakthrough Series Collaborative Model.
- South to South successfully developed and piloted numerous training and mentoring tools to improve the quality of care of mothers and children affected by HIV (see our resources page for training and mentoring tools)

South to South Strategic Goals
South to South Strategic Goals

Africa-wide training in paediatric HIV –
The Stellenbosch University-ICAP Partnership 2006-2008:

From Year 1 to Year 2, South to South held a total of 32, two-week training courses at University of Stellenbosch Faculty of Health Science, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, and trained a total of 279 health workers from eleven (11) countries throughout Africa. Of those trained 39 participants were health workers from South Africa’s Western Cape Province.

The first ICAP Collaborative Paediatric HIV Strategic Planning Workshop, hosted in partnership with South to South, brought together 60 delegates from ICAP country programs from April 15th -19th, 2007, in Cape Town, South Africa, to discuss approaches to continued successful expansion and implementation of paediatric HIV work plans. Following the success of this first event, a second workshop was held from April 13th-17th, 2008, with 55 delegates. During both events, participants discussed approaches to continued successful expansion and implementation of paediatric HIV and PMTCT work plans and considered the state and status of their paediatric HIV strategic plan. Delegates were also afforded the opportunity to share experiences, better practices, and lessons learned across countries and programs to support the (re)design of strategies to address specific paediatric HIV challenges.

Procurement of Minor Pediatric-Related Clinic Equipment: To support S2S participants’ needs during precepting sessions medical equipment such as x-ray boxes for viewing chest x-rays, otoscopes, opthalmascope, tape measures, patella hammers, and weighing scales was also procured.

South to South Strategic Goals

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