MA Visual Arts

Admission requirements

A four-year BA degree in Visual Arts or the equivalent three-year degree and Honours in Visual Arts (or acceptable equivalent qualification that is deemed adequate for admission to the programme by the Senate) where evidence is provided of the ability to conduct advanced independent research. Selection for the programme relies on academic qualifications, professional experience and an acceptable study pro- posal for the practical and/or theoretical components of the programme. A mark of at least 65% in Visual Studies (or equivalent qualification) is required. The proposal must be supported by a portfolio of recent art works (original art works, photographs or digital images).

How to apply

Prospective candidates must submit an online e-application:

Online e-application

Or contact:

Annatjie Moolman | Administrative officer (Arts) | +27 21 808 9111

Prospective candidates must also submit an e-portfolio of art works in PDF format to Ledelle Moe at

The closing date for applications is 30 November, but students may apply earlier.