First-year students commence their ‘journey of transformation’

First-year students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Professor Jimmy Volmink, Dean at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) recently welcomed the new batch first-year students and their parents to the Tygerberg Campus. 

Today you are commencing a journey of transformation," said Volmink.

He told the newcomers to expect to be continuously challenged.

Volmink assured parents that at the FMHS, their children will be in capable and caring hands. “Do not hesitate to reach out when you need help," he told students.  

He said newcomers would learn how to “promote health, treat disease and relieve suffering."

Volmink encouraged students to dream big, work hard and stay focused.

The Dean said that in light of the faculty's high success and impact rate, the probability of student success is quite high.

Beyond empowering students to become competent health care practitioners, Volmink said the FMHS sought to “inspire students to be agents of change".

“The Faculty is a microcosm of the country" said Volmink. Therefore students would be taught how to be active and responsible citizens. They would actively learn how to “build cohesion" and learn to live and work together.

“We look forward to being instrumental in your growth."

Echoing Volmink's suggestion to seek help when needed, Ntsako Mtileni chairperson of the Tygerberg Student Council said, “Take care of yourself. You deserve a break now and then."

“Varsity is a series of hurdles, but so is high school, and here you are.

“Believing that you can is half the battle won."

Mtileni offered newcomers a simple philosophy: “Do not be limited by your challenges. Rather challenge your limits.

“You are on a campus with future healthcare professionals. You are surrounded by people who want to see you grow."

Mtileni reflected on her own student experience and said that her and her roommate found similarities in their differences. “My roommate was the sweetest person and has become one of my best friends."

“We are blessed with diversity in all aspects of life," said Mtileni explaining that the faculty believes in celebrating diversity.

Mtileni offered first years the following words of encouragement: “Stay true to who you are. There's a place for everyone under the sun. And be patient with yourself."

Aydn Parrott