AOTC for Postgraduate Orthopaedic Education

Advanced Orthopaedic Training Centre

Past courses at the AOTC Complex

Although the AOTC has only been running since 2010, we have already held many successful educational events.

Arthroscopy workshop in the small skills lab
Arthroscopy workshop recently held in the AOTC small skills lab.

Dry bone workshop
Dry bone workshop held in our library

About the AOTC site

This site was started in April 2011 to with the aim of providing instructional material to postgraduate Orthopaedic Surgeons. The web has made it possible to share this knowledge far beyond the confines of our campus. These pages should be of interest to Orthopaedic Registrars, Orthopaedic Specialists and anyone who has attended one of our courses at the AOTC venue.

Today the Web hosts a plethora of commercial orthopaedic sites offering the latest implants and devices. There are patient oriented sites, as well as journal driven scholarly venues. Our aim is to serve those who need orthopaedic instruction at a postgraduate level.

If your need is Orthopaedics at a more basic level, visit our site at where you will find abundant student instructional material.

Ian Robertson
Principal Specialist
Department Orthopaedic Surgery
University of Stellenbosch