The Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST)

The Stellenbosch Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST) is a new Stellenbosch University ‘flagship’ initiative established in 2015.

This initiative brings together complexity thinking, sustainability science and transdisciplinary research methodology.

Research at the CST is largely conducted in collaborative inter- and transdisciplinary teams that draw in expertise from different disciplines as well as from policy, practice and local stakeholders. Much of the research is funded by external project grants, and students are part of the larger project teams which provides additional opportunities for learning and research support.

We have ten research groups at CST:

  1. Complexity Theory, Systems Modelling & Anticipatory Intelligence (CTSMAI)
  2. Renewable Energy for Transitions (RE4T)
  3. Resilient Food Systems & Transformations (RFST)
  4. Social-Ecological Resilience & Transformation (SERT)
  5. State Capacity Research Project (SCRP)
  6. Systems Entrepreneurship and Innovation Governance (SEIG)
  7. Transformative Transdisciplinary Research (TTR)
  8. Urban Modelling and Metabolism Assessment (uMama)
  9. Urban Transitions (UT)
  10. Water Governance (WG)

The centre is funded in part by Stellenbosch University, and in part by the National Research Foundation, plus project funding from a range of sources.

The CST is located at the STIAS Wallenberg Centre in the Old Stables. Please find our contact details here

If you are interested in pursuing your Masters, PhD or Post Doctoral research through the CST please click here to read about further study opportunities.