The Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST)

The Stellenbosch Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST) is a new Stellenbosch University ‘flagship’ initiative established in 2015.

This initiative will bring together three core themes:

  • Complexity thinking,
  • Sustainability science and
  • Transdisciplinary research methodology

Within these three core themes the CST will focus on the following five thematic areas:

  1. Transition and Decoupling
  2. Social-ecological systems and resilience to support sustainability transitions
  3. Governance innovation and social dynamics
  4. Complexity theory, systems modelling & anticipatory intelligence
  5. Transdisciplinary research methodologies for co-producing applied knowledge with society

The centre is funded in part by Stellenbosch University, and in part by the National Research Foundation, plus project funding from a range of sources.

Besides the general conceptual project to build a framework that synthesizes complexity, sustainability and transition from a transdisciplinary perspective, the centre oversees four empirical case studies:

  • Water systems with a focus on the Breede River,
  • Embedded Photovoltaic systems for domestic households across South Africa,
  • Sustainable urban infrastructure systems, and
  • Peri-urban food systems.

The CST is located at the STIAS Wallenberg Centre in the Old Stables. Please find our contact details here

If you are interested in pursuing your Masters, PhD or Post Doctoral research through the CST please click here to read about further study opportunities.