Understanding Social Ecological Regime Shifts: The case of woody encroachment in South Africa.

2019 - Theses

Humanity has been very successful in modifying the planet to meet the demands of a rapidly growing human population. The dissertation emphasises the importance of understanding the social and ecological interactions that underlie woody encroachment, including the worldviews of land users and managers.

Advancing resilience assessments: the social dimensions of electricity supply in South Africa

Dr Susara Elizabeth van der Merwe
2019 - Theses

Electricity supply serves as a lifeline, is foundational to the effective functioning of modern society, and powers multiple layers of other critical infrastructure systems. This dissertation uses the implications of complexity thinking and resilience thinking to investigate approaches to assess and build the resilience of the embedded social resources required to ensure resilient essential service delivery.

T-labs for Alternative Food Systems in the Western Cape

O. Zgambo
2018 - Reports & Policy Briefs

There is a growing body of experience feeding the design of and motivation for social innovation labs as spaces that can be used to enable transformation or change. Olsson et al. (2004) have described transformation as…

Sustainable energy transition framework for unmet electricity markets.

Batinge B, Musango JK, Brent AC
Publication: Energy Policy
2019 - Journal Articles

Understanding electricity legitimacy dynamics in an urban informal settlement in South Africa: A Community Based System Dynamics approach.

Publication: Energy for Sustainable Development
2019 -

Affordability of battery electric vehicles based on disposable income and the impact on provincial residential electricity requirements in South Africa

Pillay NS, Brent AC, Musango JK
Publication: Energy
2019 - Journal Articles

Towards Measuring the Informal City: A Societal Metabolism Approach

Smit S, Musango JK, Kovacic Z, Brent AC
Publication: Journal of Industrial Ecology
(in press) - Journal Articles

Challenges Facing South Africa’s Electricity Sector Integrated Resource Plan: A Qualitative System Dynamics Approach

Mqadi L, Musango JK, Brent AC
Publication: Administratio Publica
2018 - Journal Articles

Rethinking strategic sustainability planning for the electricity sector in South Africa

Mqadi L, Musango JK, Brent AC
Publication: The South African Journal of Industrial Engineering
2018 - Journal Articles

The Correlation between Energy Cost Share, Human, and Economic Development: Using Time Series Data from Australasia, Europe, North America, and the BRICS Nations

Roberts R, Musango JK, Brent AC, Heun M.
Publication: Energies
2018 - Journal Articles

Estimating current and future global urban domestic material consumption

Baynes T, Musango JK
Publication: Environmental Research Letters
2018 - Journal Articles

Towards new configurations of urban energy governance in South Africa’s renewable energy procurement programme.

Davies, M., Swilling, M., Wlokas, H.L.
Publication: Energy Research & Social Science
2017 - Journal Articles

Renewable energy and local development: seven lessons from the mining industry

Marais, L & Wlokas, HL & de Groote, J & Dube, A & Scheba, A
Publication: Development Southern Africa
2017 - Journal Articles

Energy and moral judgment: Conceptual frameworks and new frontiers in energy justice.

Sovacol, B & Burke, M & Baker, L & Kumar Kotikalapudi, C & Wlokas, HL
Publication: Energy Policy
2017 - Journal Articles

A response to the dialogical hermeneutics of critical complexity thinking in Kunneman’s re-framing of ‘The political importance of voluntary work’.

Preiser, R.
Publication: Foundations of Science
2016 - Journal Articles