T-labs for Alternative Food Systems in the Western Cape

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Sustainable energy transition framework for unmet electricity markets.

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Understanding electricity legitimacy dynamics in an urban informal settlement in South Africa: A Community Based System Dynamics approach.

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Affordability of battery electric vehicles based on disposable income and the impact on provincial residential electricity requirements in South Africa

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Towards Measuring the Informal City: A Societal Metabolism Approach

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Challenges Facing South Africa’s Electricity Sector Integrated Resource Plan: A Qualitative System Dynamics Approach

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Rethinking strategic sustainability planning for the electricity sector in South Africa

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The Correlation between Energy Cost Share, Human, and Economic Development: Using Time Series Data from Australasia, Europe, North America, and the BRICS Nations

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Estimating current and future global urban domestic material consumption

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Towards new configurations of urban energy governance in South Africa’s renewable energy procurement programme.

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A response to the dialogical hermeneutics of critical complexity thinking in Kunneman’s re-framing of ‘The political importance of voluntary work’.

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Participatory Scenario Planning: From Scenario ‘Stakeholders’ to Scenario ‘Owners’.

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Rising food prices and household food security

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