Prof Mark Swilling to represent Stellenbosch University at Yale in 2018

In conjunction with his selection as the 2018 Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Environmental Scholar through the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies (YIBS), Prof Mark Swilling’s appointment as an Associate Research Scholar in the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies in 2018 was unanimously accepted by the YIBS Faculty Council.

Prof Oonsie Biggs appointed to the South African Global Change Science Committee

Prof Biggs will be part of the Global Change Science Committee to conduct research that will provide the scientific basis for improving national, regional and broader international efforts to address global change.

CST members appointed onto SA Systems Dynamics Chapter

The fifth annual systems dynamics conference in South Africa was successfully hosted by the South Africa System Dynamics Chapter. During the conference, the new Policy Council members were selected, and four CST staff members now form part of the Council.

A river in distress

Dr Charon Büchner-Marais, a CST Research Associate, worked with the third-year class of graphic arts students at SU to produce a number of stop-frame videos and a puppet model to produce visual elements that can act as agents of change.

Political obstacles to a mass renewable energy programme

Prof Mark Swilling spoke about political obstacles to a mass renewable energy transition at a recent Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC) gathering in Cape Town, which formed part of AIDC’s Million Climate Jobs Campaign.

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