Systems Thinking & Sustainability Discussion

On 6 April, Dr Rika Preiser, along with Prof Ray Ison and Dr Louis Klein took part in a panel discussion exploring Systems Thinking and Sustainability. 

New skills required to bring about an African food system transition

In their paper “Learning for transitions: a niche perspective”, recently published in Ecology and Society, CST researchers Dr Luke Metelerkamp, Prof Oonsie Biggs and Dr Scott Drimie argue that by training the youth in new practices and approaches, they could be central to creating new systems and African futures that are more sustainable and just.

Covid-19: Economic impact on East and southern Africa

The rate and global spread of infections by Covid-19 – and the related sense of panic across a globalised financial, political and social architecture – sets this particular pandemic apart from any other in modern times.

A positive view of the future(s)

In the rapidly changing and uncertain world of the Anthropocene, positive visions of the future could play a crucial role in catalysing deep social-ecological transformations to help guide humanity towards more sustainable and equitable futures.

The principles which underlie quality knowledge co-production

In a new paper in Nature Sustainability, authors (including Prof Oonsie Biggs and Prof Belinda Reyers) propose a set of four general principles that underlie high-quality knowledge co-production for sustainability research.

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