Dr Glenda Eoyang presents the foundations, discipline, and praxis of HSD

In this Anthropocene Dialogue, Dr. Glenda Eoyang, founder of the field, introduced the theoretical underpinnings of Human Systems Dynamics (HSD). The presentation explained how she and her team have applied HSD to intractable issues, including corruption, conflict, sustainability, pedagogy, conservation science, and mass migration.

Pushing boundaries to create positive visions of the future for southern Africa

The Anthropocene, or literally the “Age of Man”, is the name for a new geological epoch in which humanity has become a dominant global force re-shaping the geological, biological and atmospheric dynamics of Earth.

CST contributes to international energy dialogue in Ghana

Kweku Koranteng, PhD candidate at the CST, recently represented us at an international conference in Accra, Ghana which took place from 19 - 20 June 2017.

RE4T represented at Energy for Society

Megan Davies, PhD candidate at the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition recently attended the First International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science in Sitges, just south of Barcelona, Spain.

RE4T research collaboration with Urban Futures Studio

As part of an emerging research collaboration, Megan Davies, PhD Candidate at the CST, recently spent a week in March at the Urban Futures Studio at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

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