Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

The Centre for Sustainability Transitions (CST) offers postdoctoral fellowships to recent PhD graduates in inter- and transdisciplinary research. A Postdoctoral Research Fellowship provides an opportunity for experiential research, providing a pathway for further academic and professional development.

Research at the CST is largely conducted in collaborative inter- and transdisciplinary teams that draw in expertise from different disciplines as well as from policy, practice and local stakeholders. Students are usually part of the larger project teams which provides additional opportunities for learning and research support. This forms part of a strategy to grow and sustain an environment that supports a vibrant research culture.

CST focuses on the following empirical research contexts: Food Systems, Water systems, Energy systems and Urban systems. A number of research themes provide the conceptual lens through which we focus on these system contexts. We strongly encourage postdoctoral research and therefore offer postdoctoral fellowships on a range of these themes and contexts.

A postdoctoral fellowship enables young researchers to further their academic and professional careers through experiential research development that deepens their knowledge on CST related themes while contributing to research productivity and impact. Fellows are expected to be active and productive researchers, and contribute to their disciplinary field under the mentorship of experienced academic staff. In turn they will assist with the professional development of recent PhD graduates preparing them for an academic career.

Those interested in applying should consult prospective research leaders or mentors and contact



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The Postgraduate & International Office (PGIO) and the Division for Research Development (DRD) administer the national and international postdocs for new and renewed positions at Stellenbosch University. For more information visit the postdoctoral research website.