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To request a new telephone or extension send an email to telecom@sun.ac.za with the following information:

  • Building
  • Room
  • US number of person responsible for telephone
  • Username of person responsible for telephone
  • Cost centre
  • The type of telephone required i.e. normal or secretary

Provide either Voice over IP or analogue telephone services to University employees.

Extended features are:

  • Allows for call backs when called party is unavailable.
  • Call pickup of remote telephones by means of a call pickup group.
  • Call forwarding to other extensions or voicemail.
  • Voicemail delivered to telephone or email

    Optional features of this service are:
    • Make conference calls with up to 48 participants.
    • Boss/secretary setup.
    • Monitoring of other extensions by means of Direct Station select keys.

    An additional service staff can make use of, is Lync. In order to use Lync as a telephone endpoint you will require one of the following:

  • a Lync compatible telephone
  • the Lync desktop client installed on your pc along with a Lync-certified headset
  • the Lync mobile app on your smartphone
  • Keep in mind that the Lync Desktop Client is not necessarily a replacement for a desktop telephone. Severely reduced call quality is possible at times and therefore Lync is not advised if you rely on good audio quality at all times
    Telephone calls from Lync client uses can be made from anywhere where there is internet, which can lead to extremely high telephone usage.


    Service Hours

    Mondays - Fridays:
    08H00 - 12H45
    13H45 - 16H30

    Weekends & public Holidays: Closed

    Service Support

    Assistance and enquiries: IT Service Desk 021 8084367 or help@sun.ac.za

    Service Targets

    99,9% availability
    Restore service within 2 hours for a Severity 1 outage, within 24 hours for Severity 2 outage, and within 48 hours for a Severity 3 outage.

    Delivery Scope

    All affiliated campuses of Stellenbosch University


    Basic Telephone Operation
    Advanced Telephone Operation


    Phone installation or moving a phone:
    R350 where infrastructure is available. In cases where the infrastructure in inadequate, a quotation will be provided.

    New applications per month:
    Siemens 40: R 260 (new installations) R224 (existing installations)
    Siemens 40 + 1 key module: R 310 (existing installations remain R224)
    Siemens 40 + 2 key modules: R 360 (existing installations remain R224)
    Siemens 15 and 20: R 150

    All existing analogue lines from the internal PABX, for example fax machines and alarms:
    R1200 per month.

    Rightfax: R150-00 per month for the service.

    Lync Softclient: R150 per month
    When using Lync, users are required to purchase their own headsets at a cost of approximately R290-00. Lync met Polycom 600: R200 per month

    General IT Service costs