Feedback on our Communication par Excellence short course: “I like the fact that the facilitator used different sources to reference the various topics. She was knowledgeable and engaging. Also: The catering was superb!” *Click on Short Courses on the green bar at the top of the page for more information!

Correct me if I’m wrong

We reckon correctional fluid wouldn’t have been invented if people used language perfectly. Now and again, everyone stumbles linguistically – when talking, writing and,.. Read more

A linguistic adventure for international students

Students from abroad who wish to improve their English have the opportunity to enrol in the Language Centre’s Intensive English Programme (IEP). The programme.. Read more

Iphulo elingeelwimi elijoliswe kubafundi abasuka kumazwe angaphandle

Abafundi abasuka kumazwe angaphandle abanomnqweno wokuphucula ulwazi lwabo lolwimi lwesiNgesi banethuba lokubhalisa kwiNkqubo eNzulu yesiNgesi yeZiko leeLwimi (IEP). Le nkqubo ikhuthaza abafundi abakumanqanaba ohlukeneyo.. Read more