Free Consultations

Would you like to read and learn with greater understanding? Are you looking for support with your reading skills?

The Reading Lab is there for you!

All students and staff members of Stellenbosch University can use our free consultations for advice on how to improve their academic reading skills. The aim of the Reading Lab is to offer students the necessary support in optimally developing their reading skills and in ultimately ensuring their study success. The Reading Lab offers workshops, short courses, reading and learning support groups, and a computer support program to help you perform better academically. Check out our workshop programme for the year and select a workshop session that meets your unique needs.

We also help lecturers who would like to improve their students’ reading skills in specific course modules.

The Reading Lab is open from:

Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 16:00

Where is the Reading Lab?

The Reading Lab is situated at Kleine Bosch, 44 Banhoek Road.

Click here for directions to the Reading Lab.

Free reading consultations

Are you wondering if you’re reading and learning with the necessary understanding? Would you like to improve your existing reading speed? Is technical terminology proving to be a stumbling block for you? Are you looking for advice on your research strategy? Would you like to talk with someone about this or about any other reading-related issues you might have?

Stop struggling!

Make an appointment with the Reading Lab – now! – for a free reading consultation to develop your reading skills in such a way as to ensure academic success.

How do I make an appointment?

Send an e-mail to Marisca Coetzee or phone 021 808 2811 to make an appointment.

What will you get from a consultation?

You’ll get an opportunity to talk with a reading consultant on a one-to-one basis about your reading and learning experience in a safe, friendly, relaxed atmosphere and to determine which service meets your needs.

The consultant will help you to solve your reading issues in an effective way. You’ll learn more about those academic reading skills that will help you to tackle your reading and learning more strategically and therefore more successfully.

How long does a consultation last?

A consultation usually lasts 50 minutes, but it could last longer depending on your needs. During a consultation, an attainable strategy to develop your reading skills will be decided on. It might, for example, be enough for you to follow a computer program in speed-reading development or you might benefit more from a workshop or from a combination of interventions.

Contact details

Marisca Coetzee

Tel: 021 808 2811