Resources for Language Practitioners

Style Guide of the Language Centre (2014)

The Language Centre’s Style Guide is meant to be a hands-on resource with house rules and guidelines on language (with ample examples) primarily for language practitioners who do work in English for Stellenbosch University. Of course, anyone is welcome to use this guide. We have included a chapter on technical tips offering assistance with a variety of functions in MS Word. While we did consult authoritative sources in compiling the Style Guide, we regard this guide as a working document. Therefore we are very happy to receive any comments, suggestions and enquiries – feel free to contact Elzette Wickens (tel. 021 808 9008) in this regard.
Download the Style Guide (744KB) here in PDF format.

Stylgids of the Language Centre (2012)

Die Taalsentrum se Stylgids is bedoel om ’n byderhand naslaanhulp te wees met taalriglyne en huisreëls (met heelwat voorbeelde) veral vir taalpraktisyns wat werk in Afrikaans vir die Universiteit Stellenbosch doen. Enigeen is egter welkom om die gids te gebruik. Ons wy ook ’n hoofstuk aan tegniese wenke wat allerhande hulp met funksies van MS Word bied. Ons het wel gesaghebbende bronne by die opstel van die Stylgids geraadpleeg, maar ons beskou hierdie gids as ’n werksdokument. Kommentaar, voorstelle en vrae is dus meer as welkom – skakel gerus met Susan Lotz (tel. 021 808 4646) in hierdie verband.
Download the Stylgids (856KB) here in PDF format.

The Language Centre’s Afr/Eng Translation Equivalent List

The terms in this list are, for the most part, offered as guidelines for Afrikaans and English equivalents, not as prescriptions.

How to make the most of this resource

1. Be sure to pick the right term for the context in question – sometimes the list states the field from which a term came or what part of speech it is, but nothing more.
2. Determine whether
a) your client has other preferences or requirements, such as institution-specific terms (for instance those of the University’s administration), and
b) the term in the list has in the mean time become obsolete (the names of institutions and organisations, especially, do change from time to time).

All comments on the existing content, as well as suggestions for new entries, are welcome; we regard this list as a work in progress. Feel free to send comments and contributions to Elzette Wickens.

Download the translation equivalent list (990 KB, PDF format), updated 20 Junie 2019.

Other Bilingual and Multilingual Terminology Lists

Afrikaans-English dictionary on
Afrikaans-English dictionary on
Agriculture dictionary: Afrikaans-English-isiXhosa (Western Cape Dept. Agriculture 2012; to be revised and expanded shortly)
Collection of Afrikaans-English terminology lists on
Computer and Internet terms compiled by Profs Johan Combrink and Niek du Plooy and Mr Deon Meyer
Computer and Internet terms on Afrikaans oppie Net
Dictionary of Art of the South African Academy for Science and Arts
Dictionary of Astronomy of the South African Academy for Science and Arts
English-Afrikaans-Irish dictionary on
Epidemiology word list (Afrikaans-English) of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Stellenbosch University
Eskom dictionary (1986) of electricity generation and distribution terms; apologies for any scanning mistakes (3,5 MB)
Explanatory and bilingual terminology lists on
Free online Dictionary of South African English
Geographical information and names in Afrikaans and English on
Microsoft terminology list for localisation of the user interfaces of software in Afrikaans and English
Paramedic dictionary of the South African Academy for Science and Arts
Place Names in SA (from: Dictionary of South African Place Names. PDF file. PE Raper. 1987) Afrikaans and English names listed together alphabetically (1,3 MB)
SciWoord – chemistry and nuclear energy dictionary of the South African Academy for Science and Arts
Statistical dictionary of the South African Statistical Association
Various bilingual dictionaries (including Afrikaans and English) on
Various bilingual dictionaries (including Afrikaans and English) on
Wine industry dictionary of SAWIS and Winetech


Afrikaans and English dictionaries – a collection from
Explanatory terminology lists in Afrikaans and English on
Evidence-based practice glossary – material of a course of the University of Cape Town
WAT (Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal) – Afrikaans dictionary, e-version

Other Useful Resources

Chicago Manual of Style – the Chicago Style Q&A resource in particular is of value
Cities – list of changes at some or other point in history (Wikipedia, PDF file, 1 MB)
Department of Afrikaans and Dutch of Stellenbosch University
E-reference resources, including language dictionaries, on the website of the SU Library and Information Service (free of charge for SU network users)
Exonyms in South Africa and internationally, from Wikipedia
PEG (Professional Editors’ Group)
Prolingua – an association for English and Afrikaans language practitioners
Qualifications at Stellenbosch University with their abbreviations
SATI (South African Translators’ Institute)
Stellenbosch University Calendar as PDF files – for terminology used at the University