Orthopaedic Podcasts from the University of Stellenbosch

22 Oct 12, 09:10:41
Orthopod No. 56: Ostochondromatosis

Learn how to manage the osteochondroma. In this screencast video, Ian Robertson discusses how to manage the osteochondroma. Both as an isolated lesion, and as multiple osteochondromatosis.

15 Oct 11, 09:10:41
Orthopod No. 54: Tibial shaft fractures
A lecture, originally given to third year medical students, on tibial shaft fractures. The conservative treatment of shaft and pilon fractures is dealt with. There is also discussion of the management of the open fracture, and how to wedge a plaster cast.

24 Aug 10, 02:08:00
Orthopod No. 51: Physics and Biomechanics
An instructional talk on relevant physics and biomechanics, for medical students starting to study the musculoskeletal system

22 Sep 09, 11:09:00
Orthopod No. 50: Locking Plates
The place of locking plates in fracture surgery

12 Aug 09, 02:08:00
Orthopod No. 49: Flexor and extensor injuries of the hand
An instructional talk on tendon injuries in the hand

25 Jun 09, 11:06:00
Orthopod No. 48: Scaphoid Fractures
An instructional talk on fractures of the Scaphoid

14 May 09, 06:05:00
Orthopod No. 47: The Diabetic Foot
An instructional talk on the diabetic foot

16 Apr 09, 08:04:00
Orthopod No. 46: Growth plate injuries
An instructional talk on growth plate injuries and how to manage them

12 Mar 09, 09:03:00
Orthopod # 45: Union of Bone
A vodcast on how bone heals and problems with this process

19 Jan 09, 11:01:00
Orthopod # 44: Acute Knee Injuries
A vodcast on how to manage acute injuries of the knee

18 Nov 08, 02:11:00
Orthopod # 43: Determination of skeltal age
A podcast tutorial on how to determine skeletal age

28 Oct 08, 12:10:00
Orthopod no 42: Fractures and Dislocations of the ankle
A screencast explaining the classification and management of ankle injuries

11 Aug 08, 12:08:00
Orthopod no 41: The pathological fracture
A discussion on the pathological fracture

08 Jul 08, 12:07:00
Tuberculosis of bone and joint
Learn how to diagnose and manage skeletal tuberculosis

10 Jun 08, 09:06:00
Internal rotation deformities of the lower limb
Learn how to diagnose and manage the Internal rotation deformities of the lower limb

19 May 08, 10:05:00
Aneurysmal Bone Cyst
Learn how to manage the Aneurysmal Bone Cyst.

31 Mar 08, 07:03:00
Open Fractures
Learn how to manage open fractures.

18 Mar 08, 01:03:00
Hip Dislocations
Learn about hip dislocations. The posterior and anterior dislocations are described. How to recognise these clinically and on x rays is discussed. The reduction process as well as postoperative care are dealt with.

06 Mar 08, 11:03:45
Orthopod no 35
A series of case studies on knee injuries. Varoius injuries inculuding the dislocated knee, medial meniscus tear in the athlete and in the older patient are discussed.

04 Feb 08, 07:02:45
Orthopod no 34
A34 old female domestic worker presents with pain in the thoracic spine for 3 months. She has had no trauma and the onset was gradual. She has lost weight and has no complaints of motor or sensory fallout. Examination shows a gibbus in the lower thoracic region. She is neurologically intact. What is your differential diagnosis and how would you manage this case?

20 Jan 08, 07:01:58
Orthopod Episode 33: Case Study - Child with acute pyrexia and bone pain.
A 6 yr old boy presents with pain in the left knee for several hours. He is dehydrated and pyrexia and his left proximal tibia is swollen with pitting oedema of the skin. Septic scabies lesions on abdomen. The L knee relatively pain free with no effusion. No other systemic signs. Ther differential diagnosis and how might you manage this case is discussed.

22 May 07, 01:05:34
Femur Fractures
Treatment of femur fractures

23 Aug 07, 09:08:00
Septic Arthritis
Septic Arthritis

11 Oct 11, 07:10:21
Traction Video
Podcast with pictures on traction methods used in Orthopaedic Surgery. Streamed Real Video - you will need RealPlayer to be able to display it. Thomas, Gallows and other classic types of traction are shown.

22 May 07, 08:05:54
Plateau Fractures
Plateau fractures of the proximal tibia

24 May 07, 07:05:54
Inflammation of tendons
Tendinosis and Tendinitis

31 May 07, 05:05:00
Ingrown Septic Toenails
How to treat Ingrown Septic Toenails.

02 Jun 07, 08:06:00
Video - Types of Orthopaedic Procedures
Types of musculoskeletal operations, including commonly performed procedures

06 Jun 07, 10:06:00
Bone Tumours
Bone Tumours, how to recognise and manage them

07 Jun 07, 11:06:00
Tuberculosis of bone
Tuberculos of bone and joint

13 Jun 07, 11:06:00
Acute Osteomyelitis
Acute bacterial osteomyelitis

14 Jun 07, 12:06:00
Bone Cysts
The management of cystic conditions of bone

20 Jun 07, 06:06:00
Degenerative disease of joints and how to manage it

27 Jun 07, 09:06:00
Avascular Necrosis
Avascular necrosis of bone

06 Jul 07, 08:07:00
Video - Tibial fractures
Fractures of the tibial shaft

13 Jul 07, 10:07:00
Traction Slideshow
Slideshow with audio commentary on traction methods used in Orthopaedic Surgery.You will need QuickTime player to view.

26 Jul 07, 09:07:00
Video - Foot fractures
Fractures of the foot

13 Aug 07, 11:08:00
Video - Benign Bone Tumours
Benign Bone Tumours

20 Aug 07, 12:08:00
Malignant Bone Tumours
Malignant Bone Tumours

10 Oct 11, 08:10:10
Orthopod No. 52: Management of chondrosarcoma
A discussion of chondrosarcoma nd how to manage it. The controversy about less invasive treatment of the borderline chondrosarcoma is also dealt with.

11 Oct 11, 09:10:20
Orthopod No. 53: Orthopaedic Operations Tutorial
In this tutorial the types of orthopaedic operations are discussed. Some commom orthopaedic procedures that a junior doctor who has to perform emergency surgery, such as a debridement of a wound are discussed. These include tendon and nerve suture.

14 Mar 12, 09:03:41
Orthopod No. 55: Dislocations of the major joints
This talk was originally given to the trauma medical officers. It explains how to diagnose dislocations and look for the common acciciated injuries. The emergency management of dislocations of the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle are covered.