Department of Agronomy

The research in this Department focuses mainly on temperate crops, intensive greenhouse plant production, rangeland management and weed management. Crop rotation plant production and techniques for the sustainable production of temperate crops (such as winter cereals, legume pastures and oil-seed crops) in a Mediterranean climate are intensively researched. Intensive greenhouse production includes research on the physiology, yield and quality of crops grown in soil-less cultures in greenhouses and tunnels. Research on weed management includes aspects of identifying and managing herbicide resistant weeds as well as integrated weed management systems.

Postgraduate qualifications

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Postgraduate Diploma in Agronomy

MScAgric in Agronomy

PhD or PhD (Agric) in Agronomy

DSc in Agronomy



Programme co-ordinator: Prof Nick Kotzé

Tel: +27 (0)21 808 4803