Programmes in the Physical Sciences

This broad area of study includes programmes in Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science and GeoInformatics, which lead to a wide variety of science-based employment possibilities.

In the first year of the programmes in the Physical Sciences all students take modules in Mathematics, Science in Context and, depending on the programme, also Chemistry and/or Physics and other applicable subjects.

In the second and third year, you specialise further in your chosen programme, which could also lead to postgraduate studies in one of your major subjects.

Should you wish to qualify as a high school teacher after you have obtained a BSc degree, you may take the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in the Faculty of Education. Your subject choice for the degree programme, however, should enable you to teach two school subjects. Depending on your undergraduate subject combination, you could teach the following school subjects: Physical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Information Technology or Geography.