The Faculty of Science has developed expertise in a variety of research fields ensuring that students stay abreast of the latest developments in their chosen fields of study.

Nine of the three-year BSc degree programmes on offer are divided into the three broad fields of biological, physical and mathematical sciences. Within these broad fields, there are further divisions into programmes with a more specific focus each. If a particular programme offers two or more different options, these options are known as streams. An example: the stream Materials Technology, or the stream Chemical Biology, or the stream Chemistry and Polymer Science all lead to the degree BSc in Chemistry. The Faculty also offers a tenth degree programme, comprising three streams, leading to interdisciplinary postgraduate options.

All the undergraduate programmes are also offered as extended degree programmes. However, a limited number of places are available in the extended degree programmes, where preference is given to socio-economically disadvantaged applicants. These programmes take one year longer than the mainstream programmes. During the extra year special modules are taught as preparation for entering the mainstream modules from second year onwards.

Besides the subject specific expertise that students acquire, they also acquire essential skills through the subjects Science in Context, a compulsory subject on the first-year level. In this subject students learn to integrate various scientific disciplines. At the same time, scientific communication skills, basic computer skills and graduate attributes are developed, much needed skills for a scientist in the 21st century.

Students are encouraged to enhance their BSc degree by taking, after completion of the BSc programme, a Bachelor of Science Honours (BScHons) programme. This will enable them to gain recognition (where applicable) as a professional scientist and will also broaden their career opportunities.

Should you wish to qualify as a high school teacher after you have obtained a BSc degree, you may take the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in the Faculty of Education. Your subject choice for your degree programme, however, should enable you to teach two school subjects.

The Faculty strives to ensure that students acquire the necessary scientific knowledge and skills in their chosen field in order for them to become sought-after employees.


All our programmes are selection programmes. See admission and selection. Please also read the Faculty's selection guidelines for more information on the selection process.

   Postgraduate programmes

All undergraduate programmes in the Faculty of Science can lead to honours, master's and doctoral programmes.


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