Diversifying Zimbabwe’s Wildlife Economy

15:00 CAT


This is the second in a series of AWEI Dialogues on 

What’s next for Zimbabwe’s wildlife economy?

The African Wildlife Economy Institute (AWEI) in partnership with Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation (OGRC) is holding a series of online Dialogues staring in May 2022 to explore opportunities for turning Zimbabwe’s wildlife economy into a key sector for sustainable and inclusive economic growth. This is the second dialogue in the series. 


Diversifying Zimbabwe’s Wildlife Economy 

Wed 01 June – 15:00 -16:30 CAT 

Following the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, can the tourism industry revive and become more resilient? For example, can Zimbabwe become a wildlife destination for Africans from across the continent interested in photographic or hunting safaris, fishing, and adventure holidays? 

Beyond tourism, what other goods and services can Zimbabwe’s wildlife sector offer? Are there opportunities for breeding game, live sales, making goods from wild animals and plants, and or providing ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration? 


Deborah Vorhies (Chair)
CEO, FairWild Foundation
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Victor K. Muposhi
AWEI Fellow
Lecturer, African Leadership University School of Wildlife Conservation
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Roseline Mandisodza-Chikerema
AWEI Fellow
Wildlife Ecologist, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority
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Tariro Kamuti
AWEI Fellow
Research Fellow, UCT Global Risk Governance Programme
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Caroline Jacquet de Haveskercke
Project Manager, Bio-Innovation Zimbabwe
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