Empowering Zimbabweans to forage, fish, and hunt

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This is the fourth in a series of AWEI Dialogues on 

What’s next for Zimbabwe’s wildlife economy? 

In June 2019, the Government of Zimbabwe, along with the African Union and the United Nations Environment Programme, hosted Africa’s Wildlife Economy Summit at Victoria Falls. The Summit Report noted that it had “aimed at advancing political and community leadership, private sector know-how and financial resources for a new vision of pan-African conservation that delivers sustainable economic benefits to national governments and local communities.”

Three years on, what is the vision for Zimbabwe’s wildlife economy? How will key stakeholders – public, private, and community – be empowered and engaged? How will the wildlife economy deliver sustainable economic benefits and contribute to the country`s Gross Domestic Product? 

In support of this process, the African Wildlife Economy Institute (AWEI) in partnership with Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation (OGRC) is holding a series of Dialogues starting in May 2022 to explore opportunities for turning Zimbabwe’s wildlife economy into a key sector for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.


A dialogue on:

Empowering Zimbabweans to forage, fish, and hunt

At the 2019 Africa’s Wildlife Economy Summit, community leaders said that we need to “reset the agenda for community based natural resources management… to turn wildlife into a rural economic engine.”

How do we empower Zimbabwean communities to manage and benefit from their wild resources? 

The leaders also wanted to “promote investment partnerships in a community-owned wildlife economy.” 

What can government do to attract private investment in a community-based wildlife economy?



Victor Muposhi (Facilitator)
Conservation Faculty, ALU School of Wildlife Conservation
AWEI Fellow

Nyarai Kurebgaseka
Managing Director, Kaza Natural Oils

Nobuhle Ndhlovu
Fisheries Management, FAO

Richard Fergusson
Development and Research Manager, Southern African Wildlife College
AWEI Fellow