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1 - Wild Food

12:00 EAT

Exploring East Africa's Wildlife Economy - a six-part dialogue series

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In this dialogue on Wild Food, we will explore the harvesting and use of wild animals and plants for food.

  • Dr Wiseman Ndlovu
    Programmes Manager and Postdoc Fellow
    African Wildlife Economy Institute, Stellenbosch University

in conversation with 

  • Mr Richard Vigne
    School of Wildlife Conservation, African Leadership University
A 60-minute discussion on Thursday 16 May 
starting at 12 noon EAT
Welcome and topic setting by the facilitator
Opening remarks by the guest speakers
Facilitated discussion based on preprepared questions and inputs from the participants
Wrap up by the facilitator

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The CBD'S Voluntary Guidance for a Sustainable Wild Meat Sector notes that

Wild meat has long served as a source of nutrition for millions of people in many regions of the world, in both developed and developing countries. For example, in some rural communities in tropical developing countries, wild meat has been found to provide almost all of the protein in the diet.

A more recent CBD decision (15/23) calls on governments 

To collaborate with all relevant actors and stakeholders in order to promote the mainstreaming of the sustainable use of biodiversity, in particular that of wild species, into all relevant sectors