Liberalising Intra Africa Trade in Wild Meat - Policy Recommendations


This research considered the AfCFTA NTB mechanism as an appropriate forum of dispute resolution for the barriers identified as within the scope of this research. This research aimed to develop policy recommendations that have the potential to effect actual change in the industry. It was initially assumed that the recommendations made would be limited to technical improvements of the mechanism itself. However, through the course of the research and in particular during the consultations phase, it became apparent that there is a limited engagement with the NTB mechanism in the wild meat industry.

The policy recommendations reflect the critical need for technical co-operation and open information available to stakeholders as well as specific capacity building in the wild meat industry. The recommendations related to the NTB mechanism are largely capacity related and on account of the limited engagement on the matter from stakeholders there are limited technical recommendations in terms of improvement of the mechanism itself. Given the importance of recurring themes and barriers in the research, recommendations are made regarding the broader barriers identified in the research that are not directly related to the purpose and scope of the AfCFTA NTB mechanism.


Joubert, Biandri. (2022). Liberalising Intra Africa Trade in Wild Meat - Policy Recommendations. African Wildlife Economy Institute, Stellenbosch University.


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