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We are committed to facilitate, establish and improve the use of Digital Education and Innovation tools to create an environment within which meaningful Teaching and Learning can flourish within the Faculty and beyond.

We offer leadership in the FMHS with regards to Digital Education and Innovation. We are focused on helping colleagues use technology in ways that are both educationally effective and resource efficient. We will be focused on promoting awareness and expertise in the use of available educational technology resources. We are also committed to establish ourselves as experts in the field of Digital Education and Innovation in Health Professions Education by doing research, building relationships and provide training.

we cannot challenge technology to serve the needs of education until we know what we want from it. We have to articulate what it means to teach well, what principles of designing good teaching are, and how these will enable learners to learn
(Laurillard, 2012)

what we offer
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Digital Education and Innovation Tools
Multimedia Studio
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Edutech Bootcamp sessions
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Digital Education Masterclass sessions
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