Tanja Hichert


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Field of research

  • Futures studies / Strategic foresight
  • Discipline of Anticipation
  • Scenarios methodology
  • Decision-making under uncertainty
  • Horizon scanning
  • Big History and planetary futures
  • Workshop process design and facilitation


An experienced professional ‘futurist’, also known as a strategic foresight practitioner who has maintained a link with academic Futures Studies in her career as a practitioner and consultant specialising in: scenario planning, horizon scanning, risk management and facilitating strategic conversations that provide clarity and direction for organisations and institutions faced with complexity and uncertainty. Extensive experience in applying Futures Studies to ‘development issues’ in the ‘emerging world’, but with a solid track record in business strategy. Teaches post-graduate students and serves on boards of Futures organisations. A passion for expanding and building the practical application of Future Studies on the African continent. Where opportunity allows, a love for innovative and experimental approaches, and working at the intersection of complex issues.

CST Research Group:

Resilience & Transformation

CST Projects:

  • Seeds of Good Anthropocenes; Creating positive futures for southern Africa.
  • Guidance for Resilience in the Anthropocene: Investments for Development (GRAID)