Student-led Project

Black Women owned (BWO) businesses: included or excluded in utility scale renewable energy procurement? (Fezeka Stuurman)

Project Leader(s):

This thesis critically evaluates the participation of BWO businesses in the utility scale renewable energy value chain, following the target set by Government of 5% procurement from women owned vendors, when the South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme(REIPPPP) started in 2011.

The REIPPPP has been internationally acclaimed as one of the best PPP models, using quantitative indicators such as FDI, electricity produced and jobs created as primary measures of success. Using Intersectionality and Social Capital theory, the potential reasons why only 3% of this target has been achieved as opposed to the 5% target set is evaluated. Without taking away the positive impacts of the programme, this research aims to offer potential reasons as to why the programme may have fallen short on achieving gender(race) related procurement targets.

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