All full degree-seeking international students must obtain pre-registration clearance from the Stellenbosch University International Services Centre before registering for an academic programme in 2020. This service will be available from Monday 20 January to Friday 24 January 2020 in the Crossley Room, 1023, Ground Floor - RW Wilcocks Building.

Thereafter, it will move to Room 1016, Ground Floor - RW Wilcocks Building.

Students must present the following supporting documentation:

  • Valid study visa and passport
  • Proof of South African Medical cover
  • Proof of full payment of fees or bursary letter (Tuition fees, International Registration Fees [IRF], International Tuition Fees [ITF], Academic Service Fees)
    • To request a budget / quotation for 2020 fees, click HERE
    • Please allow 48 hours for a response.

International students registering for their 2nd and further registrations

If you wish to finalise your academic registration online or by postal registration, you may obtain pre-registration clearance by sending an email request to with all of the above supporting documentation attached.

  • Insert your SURNAME & STUDENT NUMBER in the subject line of the email. This service will be available from Monday 06 January 2020.
  • Please allow 48 hours for a response. A confirmation email will be sent advising that you may proceed with your academic registration.

Feel free to contact Stellenbosch University International on 021 808 2565 should you require assistance with your pre-registration clearance.