English Honours Students’ “Love in the Global South” Ezine, edited by Ashley Allard and Beth Rowley. Works by Tayla Mocke, Samantha-Lee Adair, Steff Malherbe, Rebecca Pachonick, Jennie du Toit, Disha Shah, Ashley Allard and Beth Rowley

Curated as part of the Honours seminar “Love in the Global South”, led by Drs Nadia Sanger, Megan Jones and Dhrupadi Chattopadhyay. For the full zine please use the link below:


Postgraduate Student News

From 22 to 30 September, PhD candidate Nhlanhla Dube attended The Third Summer Institute for the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Funded Project on “Entanglement, Mobility and Improvisation: Culture and the Arts in Contemporary African Urbanism and its Hinterlands”. The Summer Institute was held in Accra, Ghana and he presented work from his ongoing research. Nhlanhla is due to defend his PhD at the end of November, 2023.