Past courses at the AOTC Complex

Although the AOTC has only been running since 2010, we have already held many successful educational events.

Arthroscopy workshop in the small skills lab
Arthroscopy workshop recently held in the AOTC small skills lab.

Dry bone workshop
Dry bone workshop held in our library


Clinical Examination course


Clinical college examination course

This course was held on April 15 and 16, 2011

The aim of the course was to demonstrate clinical examination methods, and for the examiners to tell potential candidates (registrars aiming to write the college exams presently, or within a few years) what to expect in the final exam.

April 2011

AOTC Tygerberg Hospital

View these screencast videos of the lectures given in this course, given in April 2011 at the AOTC auditorium, Tygerberg Hospital.

General approach to college exams Prof MV Ngcelwane Overview
Approach to the written paper Prof J. A. . Shipley Written
Approach: Clinical cases Prof GJ Vlok Clinical-cases
Approach: Oral examinations Prof M. Lukele Oral exams
Clinical Examination general Dr. J. Davis Clinical exam
Cervical spine Prof JA Shipley Neck exam
Lumbar spine examination Prof GJ Vlok Lumbar spine
Scoliosis overview Prof R Dunn Scoliosis overview
Scoliosis Examination Prof R. Dunn Scoliosis 2
Brachial plexus examination Dr M Solomon Plexus
Wrist Pain Dr M. Solomon Wrist Pain
Nerve examination Dr A. Ikram Nerve examination

Download an ISO image of these mp4 files. The image should autoplay, once you have burned your disc (see below). If you have this feature disabled, run autorun.exe or fire up your browser and navigate to index.html on the root of the disc.

Friday April 15th 2011: The videos taken of clinical examination techniques will also be placed here (when they are edited).When all material is processed I will compile an ISO image you can download, and then burn to your own CD.

Monday April 18th 2011: The screen cast vireos are all loaded into the table above. I have produced an ISO image of them. Download it (150 MB) and burn to a disc. Your disc writing software should be able to burn an ISO by merely double clicking on the image (ClinicalExam.iso). If not, read your software help /manual as how to burn an ISO image. It is not quite the same a merely copying it to a CD!.

Wednesday April 27th 2011: Some of the video clips are editited. I have posted them on the next page. Ian Robertson.

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