Recent years have seen dramatic successes in providing ‘atomic level views’ of important transient phenomena in materials, molecular and even biomolecular systems. These landmark studies were enabled by breakthroughs in high time-resolution x-ray and electron diffraction, crystallography, spectroscopy and imaging.

The future of this emerging field looks incredibly bright, with major advances in electron source intensity and coherence as well as the first round of experiments at the LCLS. Along with new methods to take advantage of these sources, we have new disruptive technologies that are driving this field. The Banff Meeting in Structural Dynamics was founded to provide the perfect forum to disseminate the latest spectacular developments in opening up new vistas with atomic clarity. The first three meetings held in 2010, 2012, and 2013 were a resounding success and will be continued to provide an opportunity to meet and discuss current problems and chart a course for further successes.

Tentative session outline (dependent on submissions):

  1. Latest Developments in ultrafast electron and x-ray sources
  2. Dynamic and diffractive imaging of molecules (diffractive imaging and laser alignment)
  3. Time-resolved x-ray spectroscopy of complex molecules
  4. Strongly correlated materials
  5. Structural dynamics in molecules and biomolecular systems
laser setup   beam
Conference Organizers

Heinrich Schwoerer (U Stellenbosch)
Henry Chapman (DESY CFEL, Hamburg)

Important Dates

Sept 1, 2014 start of submission
Registration opens Oct 15, 2014
Nov 7, 2014 submission deadline
Nov 30, 2014 notification of authors
Further dates will be announced in due time.

Invited Speakers

Michael Bauer, Kiel
Thomas Baumert, Kassel
Paul Beaud, PSI
Uwe Bovensiepen, U Duisburg-Essen
Herman Dürr, Stanford
Thomas Elsässer, MBI Berlin
Ralph Ernstorfer, FHI Berlin
Jerome Faure, ParisTech
Peter Hommelhoff, Erlangen
Henry Kapteyn, JILA
Mark Kasevic, Stanford
Jom Luiten, Eindhoven
Jabez McClelland, NIST
Keith Nugent, LaTobe
Ilme Schlichtung, MPIMF Heidelberg
Renske van der Veen, MPIBPC Göttingen
Vittal Yachandra, LBL

Program Committee

Dwayne Miller (MPSD, CUI Hamburg)
Nigel Browning (PNL)
Eric Collet (Rennes)
Phil Coppens (Buffalo)
Jiro Matsuo (Kyoto)
Bryan Reed (LLNL)
Robert Scholten (Melbourne)
Bradley Siwick (McGill)