Abstract submission Deadline

The deadline for abstract submission is midnight (Eastern Standard Time) Friday, November 7th, 2014.

Abstract submission

Please submit your abstracts here.

For your convenience, we're providing a word abstract template as well as a LaTeX one.

Abstract guidelines

Please follow these guidelines:

Bold, Times 14 point font, Centered
Author list:
Times 14 point font, Centered
Author affiliations:
Times 12 point font, Centered (list full address of each author, including country, email. List all distinct address in the same way.
Times 12 point font, Justified. (Abstract - including title and author listing - must not exceed one single spaced typed page. The width should be within 6-1/2 in. (16.5 cm), and the total length should not exceed 9 in. (23 cm). The abstract must be in English. The abstract should briefly summarize the contents of the paper including significant findings and conclusions. No illustrations are to be included in the abstract. Abstract are to be submitted in PDF format.)