Towards nature-based resilience in infrastructure development and assessment

Author(s): Dr Michelle Audouin and Dr Nadia Sitas
Link to CST author(s): Dr. Nadia Sitas
Publication: GRAID Policy Brief
Year: 2020
Full reference: Audouin, M. and Sitas, N. 2020. Towards nature-based resilience in infrastructure development and assessment. GRAID
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Infrastructure is critical to Africa’s development and its ability to address poverty. Achieving Africa’s development aspirations hinges on ensuring equitable access, not only to basic infrastructure such as water and sanitation systems, new electricity lines, roads and storm water drainage; but also to enhanced access to telecommunications and modern agricultural technologies for food security. However, the infrastructure deficit in Africa is well recognised and has been highlighted as one of the fundamental contributing factors hindering development in the region. In response to this, the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa, which has the support of all African countries, has been initiated.