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To find out about and register for courses, sign on at the staff portal

Select My Sun-e-HRSUN Employee Self Service Training and DevelopmentLearner Home and Information Technology. A list of available course will be displayed. 

Select the course you want to attend, click on the Offering Name (the course name that you have selected), the Class Name (the course name, date and venue), EnrolReviewand Submit.

A confirmation message will indicate that your request to enrol for the class has been submitted for manager approval.

Online training can also be arranged.


IT offers courses on both Tygerberg and Stellenbosch campuses for the following applications:

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, SharePoint and Project as well as Computer Literacy (Introduction to Computers and Windows).​

Online training can also be arranged.


The training courses are funded by the SU Competency fund and are available to staff members of Stellenbosch University at no cost. However take note that non-attendance without cancellation will result in a penalty fee  to the staff member’s cost centre.

General IT Service costs​



Contact itkursus@sun.ac.za for more details.