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Step 1: Registration for MFA

With MFA registration, you set up your preferred method of authentication. REGISTER FOR MFA.

Step 2: Activation of MFA

Once you are registered, IT will inform you with an email when MFA for M365 will be activated.

Step 3: Use MFA

Once MFA is activated you will be prompted to authenticate when you use M365 applications.


Service Hours

Mondays - Fridays:
08H00 - 12H45
13H45 - 16H30
Weekends & public holidays: Closed

Service Support

For assistance and enquiries,
please log a request on the
ICT Partner Portal.

Service Targets

48 hours

Delivery Scope

All affiliated campuses of Stellenbosch University


What is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication adds a second layer of security to your account to ensure that your account stays safe, even if someone else knows your password. This will mean that, for certain services, including Microsoft Outlook, Teams, etc. you will be prompted to provide more information in order to authenticate your identity as a Stellenbosch University student or staff member.

What are the benefits of MFA?

  • MFA improves the University's security by adding another layer an intruder would have to penetrate.
  • MFA protects your University identity by ensuring no one else can act on your behalf even if your password has been compromised.
  • MFA safeguards you against security attacks.
  • With implementing MFA your information is protected which is one of the ways to increase the University's reputation and trustworthiness.
  • Which authentication method is recommended?

    There are various authentication methods, but IT recommends the Microsoft Authenticator application which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (Android devices) and the App Store (Apple devices).

    To change your change default authentication method, follow the instructions in the MFA guide.


    Can I use MFA abroad?

    We recommend setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app before travelling as it does not require network connectivity and you can authenticate with a pin.

    What if my device is stolen?

    If you don’t have a replacement device with the same number, contact the service desk to change your authentication method. You will be requested to validate your identity.

    What if I have a new cell phone number?

    If you cannot be contacted on the old number anymore, contact the service desk to change your authentication method.

    Do I need Wifi or connection to a cell phone network to use MFA?

    If you use the code generated in the Microsoft Authenticator app, no connection is needed. For the SMS method and push notification from the Microsoft Authenticator app you need network connectivity.

    Does the Microsoft Authenticator application track my location or give IT access to my device?

    No, the Microsoft Authentication app does not track your devices or access your data.

    Should I use the skip the 30 days option?

    With MFA activated you can choose the option “Remember me for 30 days”. This will minimise the number of times you will have to authenticate to once a month. However, if you handle sensitive information i.e. financial information, we recommend that you verify your account every time you log in.