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IT will provide means of secure data storage, backup, transfer and recovery, as well as guidance on best practice in data management.

To ask for assistance on securing data, storing data, data backup, data transfer and/or recovery, send an email to help@sun.ac.za​


Network storage
Secure, reliable, safe, fast, effective. Perfect for very sensitive data, that is not too large. Every staff member receives 1 GB of network storage at no charge.​ Additional storage can be purchased at R10.00 per GB

External hard-drive
Great as a second form of data backup medium
Fast, high data volumes, fairly safe and secure. Various external hard-drives can be purchased via IT procurement, send an e-mail to quote@sun.ac.za for related quotes.​

USB flash-disk
Great for short-term file transfer, but not to be used as data backup medium as no data recovery is possible. ​


Service & Support Hours

Mondays - Fridays:
08H00 - 12H45
13H45 - 16H30

Weekends & public Holidays: Closed

Service Support

Assistance and enquiries can be attained:
IT Service Desk 021 8084367 or help@sun.ac.za

Service Targets

Network storage: 99,9% availability

Delivery Scope

All affiliated campuses of Stellenbosch University


Office automation
Spyware & Antivirus
Mobile Devices​​


Data: is defined as all information needed for a user to fulfil his/her work. This includes academic and administrative information.

Please note that this does NOT include any personal documents, photos, games, music, movies or images. This data will not be backed up by IT.

Data backup/transfer
15 GB or less = R R 1360
More than 15 GB =R 2330

Data Recovery
R 350 plus quotation for data recovery (if hard-drive failed).
R 500 for the recovery of deleted files on the network or SharePoint storage space or e-mail.

General IT Service costs​