Management of an open tibia fracture with an external fixator

How to debride a tibia and apply an exfix
Grade 1 open fracture tibia Open Fracture Grade 1 - any fracture with a wound in the region must be regarded as an open fracture and the wound explored in theater
Xray of tibia fracture X-ray of the tibia
Scrubbing the limb Scrubbing the leg prior to surgery
Debridement fracture tibia The debridement. Curetting the marrow cavity - this may be contaminated by debris. In this case the original wound needed extension to gain access to the tibia. Irrigate and excise all dead tissue.
Application of uniplanat AO effix. The AO external fixator has been applied
Xray tibiaq fracture - postoperative Postoperative x ray showing good alignment

External fixators in other regions

Pelvic reduction clamp Pelvic reduction clamp. Used for emergency reduction of unstable open book pelvic fractures

An exfix is an effective, and potentially life saving procedure in open book type pelvic fractures. A Gantz clamp is placed over the pelvis with the pins over the sacro ilaic joint. It will effectively reduce the fracture and prevent haemorrage.

Forearm fractures

Raduis fracture treated with exfix.
Comminuted fracture of the radius stabilised with external fixator

Ball joint allows wrist movement

Distal radius fractures can be stabilised and held at length by means of an exfix from the proximal radius to the second metacarpal bone.
The indication a comminuted fracture of the distal radius with loss of length. In the forearm closed as well as open fractures can be treated by this method.

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