Welcome to the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

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This site is aimed at all who study or teach Orthopaedics, especially Medical Students and Registrars.

Tygerberg Hospital, clinical home of the department, in the foreground is the medical school
Tygerberg hospital complex

Audio visual material

To date this section contains over 40 screencast lecture tutorials - of interest to the medical student, registrar and general practitioner. These talks are based on the curriculum of our medical students, as well as presentations originally given as part of the postgraduate academic programme.


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Exam preparation course

Clinical examination preparation course

Learn how to pass your college exams. Videos on clinical examination techniques, and tips about how to pass the exams.

Case Studies

View our selection of case studies of Musculoskeletal pathologies.

Browse our searchable database of over 100 bone tumour and other skeletal conditions.


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Last updated August 2017