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Posterior knee dislocation
Posterior dislocation
This series of images of a patient with a posterior dislocation of her left knee, emphasizes the effects of vascular injury. She was transferred to our hospital in 48 hours after the dislocation. Despite an attempt at vascular repair, the leg later had to be amputated because of gangrene.
Arteriogram of dislocated knee showing vascular compromise
Arteriogram of the posterior dislocation shows shut off. The knee was stabilised with an exfix

Amputation as a result of vascular complications of a knee dislocation
The vascular repair was unsuccessful, and resulted in an above knee amputation. She had a drop foot on the right side from a posterior hip dislocation.

Anterior knee dislocation
Anterior knee dislocation
The patient depicted in the next 3 images, presented with an anterior knee dislocation, and had normal circulation. Reduction was done in the casualty department. A week later the posterior cruciate ligament was stabilised with a bone patellar bone transfer and other ligaments were sutured directly.
Knee in recurvatum after posterior dislocation
After reduction, gross posterior instability was present
Ligament repair posterior dislocation of knee

Ligaments being repaired. Strip of patellar tendon is being harvested for posterior cruciate repair.