Economic and Management Sciences

The business sector in South Africa has a great need for people who can combine ideas and skills to further innovation and enterprise. All our programmes have a strong financial and management approach and aim to develop quantitative abilities. In this way, we help prospective business leaders develop the management and financial decision-making skills needed to compete in South African and international markets.

Our broad degree programmes give you a thorough grounding in economic, management and mathematical sciences and a wide choice of career focuses. Some of these focuses can lead to certification or registration with the relevant professional bodies. Students can choose the broad programme structure or a focal area within the programme in all these programmes. A focal area with a specific module combination is only a recommendation to help students make more focussed module choices that prepare them for a particular career.

We also offer degree programmes that prepare you for professional registration and that enjoy national and international recognition. Besides these, we offer two programmes with a focus on law. We also contribute three focal areas to the interfaculty programme, the Bachelor of Data Science (BDatSci). Finally, the Faculty introduced an undergraduate diploma programme. The three-year Diploma in Sustainable Development is taught at the Lynedoch Campus.

All bachelor's degrees can lead to postgraduate study (honours, master's and doctoral programmes), which entails further specialisation. Here you'll find a short description of our diploma and bachelor's degree programmes. For more information, please consult the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences Calendar (yearbook).

Find our Faculty's official selection guidelines here.

   Language of instruction

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences offers the majority of its first-year modules in English and Afrikaans. In subsequent years, classes are offered in at least English. Students will, in many modules, have the opportunity to be in an Afrikaans class or in classes where both Afrikaans and English will be used. Supplementary learning opportunities will also be available.


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