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Insights from the Zimbabwe Biodiversity Economy Report

12:00 Harare time


1st of 5 one-hour dialogues on 

What’s next for Zimbabwe’s wildlife economy?


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In September 2023, the Zimbabwe Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry released the country’s first report on its biodiversity economy. The aims of the Zimbabwe Biodiversity Economy Report include describing the current status of Zimbabwe’s biodiversity economy and fostering investment in the responsible use of biodiversity. It sets out the importance of the biodiversity economy as follows:

The biodiversity economy encompasses the economic benefits derived from the sustainable use and/or conservation of indigenous species in their natural habitats. It includes business transactions related to wildlife, wild-capture fisheries, indigenous forestry, bioprospecting, wild-harvested non-timber products (“biotrade”) and the supply of ecosystem services. It delivers economic gains that are not recorded in GDP, including subsistence livelihood benefits, health benefits and ecological functions that underpin economic production or save costs in other sectors.


  • Mr Farai Mutondoro, Researcher, Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association

  • Ms Nobesuthu Ngwenya, Senior Ecologist, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority

  • Mr Tanyarandzwa Mundonga, Deputy Director-Natural Resources, Ministry of Environment Climate and Wildlife [TBC]


  • Dr Victor Muposhi, AWEI Fellow; Conservation Leadership Faculty, ALU SOWC, and Conservation Lecturer, Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Ms Prudence Nkomo, Coordinator, ShareScreen Africa