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3 - Wild Fuels

12:00 EAT

Exploring East Africa's Wildlife Economy - a six-part dialogue series

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In this dialogue we will explore the use of wild plants for firewood and charcoal.

  • Mr Charles Karangwa
    Global Head, Nature-based Solutions

in conversation with

  • Dr Tuyeni H. Mwampamba
    Science Director, Africa
    The Nature Conservancy
  • Dr Greyson Nyamoga
    Senior Lecturer
    Sokoine University of Agriculture
A 60-minute discussion on Thursday 30 May 
starting at 12 noon EAT
Welcome and topic setting by the facilitator
Opening remarks by the guest speakers
Facilitated discussion based on preprepared questions and responding to inputs from the participants
Wrap up by the facilitator

The African Union's Programme on Bioenergy Monitoring and Reporting

Africa is the world’s largest consumer of traditional biomass energy sources (firewood, charcoal and agricultural residues). The percentage of solid fuel use (charcoal and firewood) in the region is the highest in the world. With an estimate population of 900 million people lacking clean cooking facilities and over 600 million lack access to electricity, two thirds of the African countries depend on more than 50% of total final energy consumption for biomass. One third is estimated to depend on the resource for more than 80% and a few countries for over 90%.

Biomass accounts for as much as two-third of total final energy consumption in the sub-Saharan region. According to AFREC Energy Statistics Database, the whole continent consumed 269 million tons of oil equivalent (Mtoe) of biomass and 295 Mtoe of conventional energy in 2019.  Sub-Saharan region accounts for 91.38% of the total consumption in Africa while North Africa accounts for 0.22% and South Africa for 8.40%...

The objective of the programme is therefore to improve and enhance the capacity of the African countries to measure/collect and analyse bioenergy data and establish a strong system of continuous monitoring through the implementation of the Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy (GSI) and related FAO best practices...

More info: Bioenergy Programme | AFREC (