Both theoretical and empirical contributions would be valuable for the conference theme and will be considered within any of the following five conference tracks:

  • A. Postgraduate supervision theories and policies.
  • B. Postgraduate supervision practices.
  • C. Postgraduate supervision trends and trajectories.
  • D. Transitions in postgraduate supervision in a complex (post-/pandemic) world.
  • E. Transforming the post-graduate supervision space.

  • Participants are invited to submit original abstracts for (a) full research papers, (b) round table discussions (c) workshops and (d) brief (3-minute) presentations aimed at supervisors/researchers new to the field. More information to follow in the first call for abstracts on 1 July.

    Extended Submission date for abstracts: 15 October 2021
    Feedback to authors of abstracts: 22 October 2021
    Final submission date for amended abstracts: 15 November 2021

    Guidelines for Abstract submission

    Authors are requested to conform to the following guidelines for submission of abstracts:

  • Only abstracts submitted online at will be considered for inclusion in the programme. Information on abstract formats and dates will follow.
  • The word limit for abstracts is 500 words.
  • The system allows you to edit and save your abstract up to the closing date for submission of abstracts. No editing will be possible after closing date for submission of abstracts.
  • The criteria according to which all abstracts will be reviewed are provided as a way of guiding the development of your submission. These include:

  • Content: Quality of content and awareness of scholarship in the field
    Significance: Significance for theory and practice
    Originality: Originality and level of innovativeness
    Relevance: Relevance to the conference theme
    Clarity: Clear goals, coherence and logical progression
  • The abstracts must be submitted in English before or by 15 October 2021.
  • All abstracts will be reviewed and selected for the spaces available in the programme. Papers that cannot be accommodated in the main programme will be considered for a contribution as a ‘three-minute paper’ with limited slides and three minutes’ asynchronous presentation time. There will be opportunities to interact with these presenters during and after the conference.
  • Feedback from the Scientific Committee will be e-mailed to the main presenting author before or by 22 October 2021 and the final submission date for amended abstracts is 15 November 2021. A decision whether to include a paper in the conference programme or not is the sole and final prerogative of the conference committee.
  • Very important: Failure by the presenting author(s) to register for the conference by 24 January 2022 will automatically result in the abstract not being included in the collection of abstracts and removed from the conference programme.
  • Submission Procedure

    Click here to Register for abstract submission for this conference.

    Abstracts sent by mail, direct e-mail, or fax cannot be accepted.