The CMP has been hosted at Stellenbosch University since 1984 as a collaboration between four universities. Time does not stand still, and circumstances in the staff compliment at Stellenbosch University has changed to such an extent that Prof Dave Root from School of Construction Economics and Management at WITS will take over the directorship of the CMP from 2024. Professor Root has been involved in the CMP since 2007 as lecturer and as member of our advisory committee.

This is an exciting opportunity through which the legacy of the programme can be continued under new directorship. Professor Root has the full support of Professor Sam Laryea, Head of Department at the WITS School of Construction Economics and Management. Together, supported by Professor Jan Wium and Chris Jurgens from Stellenbosch University, the team at WITS will be able to direct, administer and lead the CMP to new heights.

To allow a smooth transfer, to strategize about the future content and the format, and to afresh solicit the buy-in from alumni, lecturers and other industry supporters, a CMP seminar will be hosted on 30 and 31 May 2024. This will replace the 2024 bi-annual 3-week CMP event in preparation for a new launch in 2025. The venue and details of the 2-day seminar in May 2024 will be announced early in 2024. It has not been decided yet, but it is likely that it will be held in Stellenbosch as a final handover to the WITS team.

The CMP is presented over a period of three weeks  with final assignment submissions 1 week later. The very successful total immersion learning methodology is applied to expose the delegates to the very latest theories, tools and techniques in all aspects of business management in the construction sector. Our alumni are to be found in key positions in infrastructure and building development in Africa and around the world.

The Faculty for CMP faculty are drawn from a wide body of academic experts and practitioners who may be described as the best in their field in South Africa. A distinguished international academic is usually involved. The material and teaching methodologies are highly stimulating and the material is worked through individually and in group assignments.


Since the inception of the CMP in 1976 it has always adapted to meet current challenges. The CMP faces extraordinary times that required innovation, wisdom and lateral thinking. An annual theme for CMP is formulated in collaboration with the CMP Industry Advisory Board. Typically an annual theme is selected to match current industry conditions and challenges.

Academic credits towards can be awarded to post graduate studies. For further information enquire from the post graduate adinistrators at Stellenbosch University Department of Civil Engineering. CMP is accredited with ECSA and with SACPCMP for CPD points.

A short course certificate is issued to delegates who comply with the programme requirements for successful completion.

“CMP provides a unique enabling environment in which experienced industry professionals are able to gain both knowledge and access to extended networking groups”

Richard Evans, Snr Contracts Director – Liviero, Group Executive Strategic Projects: Infrastructure; 1997 CMP Delegate.

CMP 2024

Seminar for alumni, lecturers and sponsors: 30 – 31 May 2024

CMP 2025: Dates to be announced


CMP Director: Prof Dave Root



 CMP Director (Until 2023): Professor Jan Wium 

    CMP Director (From 2024): Professor Dave Root 

“The CMP has a critical role to play in equipping individuals involved in built environment project delivery to meet the exciting growth challenges that lie ahead in South Africa and further afield. It has equipped me to approach my role as constructor in a proud, confident and knowledgeable way, enabling me to interface and contribute at all levels.”

Werner Jerling, CEO, ASLA