House Meeting – 24 July

Please take note that our compulsory Goldfields House Meeting will be taking place on the 24th of July (Thursday) in the Eetsaal.


If you need to be excused, please mail Hester at not later than 22nd of July (Tuesday) midnight. Please include the following in your email:

  • Your name
  • Your reason for missing all/part of the meeting
  • The block you reside in

After you send the email, you will receive an email on the 23rd of July (Wednesday) stating if your excuse is acceptable. NO LATE EXCUSES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Alternatively, instead of sending the email, you can pick up excuse forms from Hester’s door on the 21st of July.


Enjoy the last bit of holiday! We are so excited to have another term with unforgettable memories with all our Goldies :)

Calendar Events

Please take note that the calendar has been updated to reflect Goldfields events in the coming months.

Website Maintenance Coming Soon!

With the new Goldfields year, comes new administration. We haven’t updated the website in a while mainly because I’ve needed to form an IT committee first… By the first House Meeting, I will have the committee and updates shall flow abundantly. For all social activities about Goldfields, consult our Facebook Page. This website will mainly be used for dates, admin and other academic purposes.


Orielle Gomes

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