Letter from the Resident Head

Renee Hector-Kannemeyer – Goldfields Resident Head 2019- Current

To our new Goldies: welcome!

My name is Renee Hector- Kannemeyer and I was born in beautiful Stellenbosch.

I am passionate about young people and believe that the University of Stellenbosch, especially within Goldfields residence with one of the highest racial and gender diversity ratios, is perfectly placed to open dialogue among racial and gender groups, in order to challenge the way we view each other and to extend the invitation to build an inclusive South Africa.

I completed a Masters Degree in Social Development and hold both an Honours Degree in Psychology and an Honours Degree in Geography as well as a Diploma in Project Management and have been actively involved in the field of Social Development for the past twenty years. In my current position as Deputy- Director for the Division of Social Impact and the head of Matie Community Service, we believe that in order to develop an ethos in which ordinary people develop the requisite understandings, approaches and skills to bring about transformation of the various sectors of society, they themselves have to undertake the learning and educate themselves. They need to know how oppression functioned in the history of the country, how ordinary people participated, and continue to participate, in perpetuating oppressive structures, and how individuals can make a contribution towards greater social justice within their sphere of influence.

The development of an active rather than a purely formal sense of enjoying a common citizenship depends on recognising and accepting people with all their differences, as they are. The Constitution thus acknowledges the variability of human beings (genetic and socio-cultural), affirms the right to be different, and celebrates the diversity of the nation. (Constitutional Court Judgment, CCT 51/06, 2007).

What an exciting time in our democracy to create an equal capacity to see ourselves with others and to transcend a divided history to open up a path for a future we can share equally.

Our work as a Residence management team, which relies strongly on the creativity and leadership of the House Committee, Mentor Team, various leadership committees as well as a diverse resident body and seeks to inspire students to be conscious actors in the world. It is about starting a new thought movement at Goldfields fuelling new ways of responding to where we are as a nation and as a continent and re- igniting our imagination of what SA could be. “Only by persistent and unremitting educational efforts will we one day see that mutual helpfulness and tolerance between differing peoples have become as important to our welfare as having clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment”. Alan B. Slifka.

We at Goldfields are super excited to launch our brand new dining hall in 2019. We are also planning some renovations in 2019, which promises to be an exciting project. It is therefore important to note that the upgrades will cause some inconvenience and disturbance to your daily routine. We will however try our very best to keep those disturbances to a minimum.

Together with my husband, three kids aged thirteen, nine, our brand new one year old, a Golden Retriever, and a Cocker Spaniel, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you and trust that you will make Goldfields your home. Goldfields offers a relaxed environment, which is conducive to studying for your future career and also inspires creativity, love for nature, diverse cultures, critical engagement and sport or just hanging out with a diverse group of passionate students.

We look forward to meet you during our very exciting welcoming programme and throughout the year where you bring your cup and share some hot chocolate and marshmallows in our home.

Warmest Regards

Renee Hector-Kannemeyer

Goldfields Resident Head

Email: reneehk@sun.ac.za

Mawethu Nyakatya – Goldfields Visiting Resident Head 2017 /2018

To the 1st years at Goldfields Residence

I would like to welcome you all as first year students of Stellenbosch University, and more especially as first year students in the Goldfields Residence. I am looking forward to being your residence head especially during the welcoming period. Your welcoming will be a wonderful period because as the Goldfields team we have many exciting experiences planned for you. I hope you are as excited as we are to make your first experience of Stellenbosch University the best.

Our residences at Stellenbosch University play a very important role in the realisation of the university’s mission, by offering opportunities for academic, personal, as well as social development of our students. Our residences provide a student-friendly “living and learning” environment that promotes the academic objective of the university, and ensures a community of students from diverse backgrounds but with a high level of understanding and respect for differences.

The year ahead will be filled with lots of challenges and opportunities for you as you journey into the next stage of your life and becoming an independent, responsible, and an active member of Goldfields residence, Stellenbosch University and the broader South African society. At goldfields we will do our best to prepare you for the years ahead and I can promise you will learn a lot from the various residence activities and projects planned for the year 2018. We will work together through the university support structures to overcome some of the challenges that you may encounter during this time. And I hope that you will all take full advantage of the opportunities that will be presented to you by the university and the community of Goldfields residence.

I look forward to meeting you and having a wonderful time with you in 2018.

Yours sincerely!

Mawethu J. Nyakatya