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5 - Wild Use Tourism

12:00 EAT

Exploring East Africa's Wildlife Economy - a six-part dialogue series

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In this dialogue we will explore wildlife use tourism such as sport fishing and sport hunting.

  • Dr Taye Teferi
    Policy and Partnership Coordinator

in conversation with

  • Dr Alex Kasingo
    Senior Lecturer
    Mweka College of African Wildlife Management
  • Dr. Taddeo Rusoke
    Senior Lecturer - Tourism
    Mountains of the Moon University
  • Mr Roy Bealey
    Founding Director
    Pelagic Fisheries Consulting Ltd


A 60-minute discussion on Thursday 13 June 
starting at 12 noon EAT
Welcome and topic setting by the facilitator
Opening remarks by the guest speakers
Facilitated discussion based on preprepared questions and responding to inputs from the participants
Wrap up by the facilitator

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Sport fishing and hunting in East Africa

It’s hard to choose only one fishing spot in Kenya. Over the past few decades, the country has gained a reputation for some of the best sportfishing in Africa. From the mountains to the Indian Ocean coastline, Kenya offers top-notch angling at its every corner.

A part from embarking on wildlife experiences, sport fishing is that one most exciting water sport that you should be a must to include in your travel plan. Uganda’s beauty isn’t depended on its mountain or vegetation alone but also its stunning water bodies also hold credit for their remarkable water sports especially sport fishing... A Uganda sport fishing safari takes you through incredible sites such as Lake Victoria, River Nile, Murchison Falls National Park and Lake Mburo National Park.
Sport Fishing in Uganda - Things to Do | Uganda Parks

The tropical island of Mauritius is a premier location for deep-sea fishing enthusiasts. Its location in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean provides an ideal environment for various species of fish to flourish. Experienced captains and crews, state-of-the-art equipment, and an abundance of fish make Mauritius a must-visit destination for serious anglers.

Tanzania and especially the Selous are considered by many experienced big game hunters as the crown jewel of African hunting. 
Trophy Hunting in Tanzania with Heritage Safaris (

Hunting in Ethiopia revolves around the magnificent mountain nyala which is the primary attraction for hunters, but Ethiopia also boasts a number of other unique species, which can be hunted nowhere else. These include the Soemmerring’ gazelle, Beisa oryx, Abyssinian greater kudu, Abyssinian bushbuck, Menelik’s bushbuck, Neumann hartebeest, Northern Grant’s gazelle, Northern gerenuk, as well as the Salt’s dik dik and Cordeaux dik dik. The largest lesser kudu in Africa come from Ethiopia.
Ethiopia | Hunting Consortium

Nestled in the heart of East Africa, Uganda is often referred to as the Pearl of Africa. This country is a hidden gem when it comes to hunting, offering vast landscapes, from luscious rainforests to expansive savannahs. These stunning landscapes provide a habitat for a variety of unique wildlife.
Hunting in Uganda | The Pearl of Africa | JKO Hunting Safaris (