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Departmental approach to Community Interaction (CI)

The Department considers much of what it does in terms of teaching, research and service delivery as meeting most of the formal criteria set for Community Interaction.  Community interaction is part of the department’s mission, and attempts are made to promote community interaction in the department.

Four types of community interaction are recognised:

  • Type 1: Integration of Teaching and learning, Research & CI. In some rare occasions, this is achieved where projects integrate aspects of all three core functions.
  • Type 2: Integration of Teaching and learning and CI. Examples of this type of CI are service-learning and short courses.
  • Type 3: Integration of Research and CI. Examples of this type of CI are contract research, community-based research and science for society initiatives.
  • Type 4: Volunteerism and public service. Examples of this type of CI are student volunteerism, public service by faculty, community outreach and partnerships.

Most of our teaching focus is on subject matter relevant to the understanding and improvement of development conditions in diverse communities and constituencies. Many practical exercises and fieldwork as part of our courses require direct contact and in situ involvement with local communities and institutions. Moreover, many departmental staff members have established long-standing relationships with governmental entities and advocacy groups at all scales to effect social and economic developmental