Mr Jan De Waal

Jan de Waal
Jan de WaalLecturer, Geography
  • Climate change,
  • Flooding risk assessment,
  • Urban risk research with a particular focus on informal settlements.
 Jan de Waal is a Disaster Risk researcher at DiMP. His Masters research investigated changing extreme rainfall patterns in the Western Cape over the past 110 years and the implications this has on design criteria for bridges, dams and other hydraulic infrastructure. His particular research interests are in climate change and adaptation, extreme climate events and informal settlement risk.
  • MSc cum laude (Geography and Environmental Sciences), University of Stellenbosch, 2012
  • BSc Hons with distinction (Disaster Risk Science), University of Cape Town, 2010
  • BSc (Environmental and Geographic Science and Ocean and atmospheric science), University of Cape Town, 2009
  • Holloway A., Chasi V., de Waal J., Drimie S., Fortune G., Mafuleka G., Morojele M., Penicela Nhambiu B., Randrianalijaona M., Vogel C. & Zweig P. 2013. ‘Humanitarian Trends in Southern Africa: Implications for programming’. For the Regional Interagency Standing Committee (forthcoming).

  • Holloway, A., Fortune, G., Zweig, P., Barrett, L., Benjamin, A., Chasi, V. &de Waal, J. 2012. Eden and Central Karoo Drought Disaster 2009 – 2011; “The Scramble for Water.” For the Provincial Disaster Management Centre, Western Cape.