Dr Caren Jarmain

Dr Caren Jarman
Dr Caren JarmanResearch Fellow

Caren Jarmain is an experienced Researcher / Agrometeorologist and Project Leader with 20+ years of experience in a multifaceted role successfully completing 40+ projects, 35 technical research reports, as well as publishing 16 peer-reviewed articles. Through her research, she has presented valuable data ensuring efficiency in agriculture and water management using smart agricultural approaches. This has earned her the recognition as an authority in this field in South Africa. Caren has extensive research exposure and experience in coordinating teams, a diverse and transferable skill set and experience in all aspects of a project life cycle.

● Understanding the Soil Plant Atmosphere Continuum, with a focus on surface energy balance and evapotranspiration and CO2 fluxes, crop water requirements.
● Water use efficiency and water footprint of vegetative surfaces (agricultural crops, wetlands, forests, invasive alien plants, indigenous plant communities, rehabilitated surfaces).
● Applying and evaluating micrometeorological methods for various applications and conditions.
● Using remote sensing derived data for improved water use efficiency in agriculture and water management.
● Translating (remote sensing derived) spatial data into practical uses.
● Creative technology transfer to non-scientists

● Ph.D., University of Natal, SA, 1999 to 2003
● M.Sc. Agric. (Agrometeorology), University of Natal, SA, 1998 to 1999 (Cum laude)
● B.Sc. Agric. Hons. (Agrometeorology), University of the Orange Free State, SA, 1997 to 1998 (Cum laude)
● B.Sc. Agric. (Agrometeorology), University of the Orange Free State, SA, 1993 to 1997 (Cum laude)


Telephone number: +353 87 293 2479