SAJU 6 Venue and Logistics

The 6th SAJU Forum, hosted by Stellenbosch University, will take place from 27th to 29th August 2024 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The event will be held at Technopark, situated within the Stellenbosch Winelands. 

This venue and logistics page provides all the essential information you need for the event, including: 

Event Venue: Techno Park

Technopark is a business park located just outside Stellenbosch. In a collaborative effort by the Stellenbosch University and the local municipality, it aims to be an interactive, learning, innovation, and knowledge-collaboration environment for technical, social and environmental sustainability excellence. Our community is built up from small startups to major conglomerates who rent space in business premises surrounded by the natural beauty of the Cape. Find out more about Techno Park here


Accommodation options available in Techno Park: 

  1. Protea Hotel Techno Park 

The Protea Hotel by Marriott® Stellenbosch is situated in the heart of the Winelands. The Hotel is nestled between two internationally renowned golf courses and offers 180 bedrooms throughout the property in apartment style accommodation. Find out more about The Protea Hotel by Marriott® here.  

Other Accommodation options outside Techno Park:  

SU International can assist with advice on accommodation in Stellenbosch as well as provide temporary accommodation for the first few months, before settling into a more permanent place. 

  • Contact SU International for advice in this regard:  
  • Stellenbosch University International Accommodation List here

Logistics & Travel

Overview of the distance from the Cape Town International Airport to Stellenbosch (Techno Park): 

The distance from Cape Town International Airport to Techno Park is about 37.2 km via the N2 route


Stellenbosch University International provides a transfer service between Cape Town International Airport and the Stellenbosch University campus or from the Cape Town train station or bus terminals should you arrive by mainline bus or train. 

The pickup locations are: 

  • Cape Town International Airport 
  • Paarl bus station 
  • Bellville bus station 

Book Airport transfers here.  

Alternatively, self-driving is an option and well as booking an Uber. 

  • Download the Uber application on this LINK

Renting a car:  

Please see the ​list of some car rental agencies: 

Find Your Way with Our Interactive Map


South African Weather and Climate 

South Africa is a climate patchwork of warm coastal subtropics, hot deserts, humid highlands, snow-topped mountains, and an enclave of Mediterranean weather in the southwest. 

To be more informed about the South African Weather and Climate, do check the weather reports daily on AccuWeather here

For more information about Stellenbosch, click here