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Stellenbosch University Japan Centre

The SUJC aims to facilitate academic programmes in the broad field of Japanese Studies with the relevant host academic departments at SU in partnership with higher education institutions in Japan.










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Introducing Ueda: A New Era for the Bank of Japan or Same Old, Same Old?

August 26, 2023

Cosplay and its fans in South Africa

April 16, 2023

Group of G7 leaders seated for a session at the G7 summit.

The Hiroshima AI Process: Japan’s Role in shaping Global AI Governance

November 7, 2023


Towards closing the gender gap in economic participation: Perspectives from Japan and South Africa

A large body of research supports the argument that gender disparity has economic consequences. It is recognised that more opportunities for women, and attention to women’s empowerment, lead to more favourable outcomes for the next generations. Yet, despite this, gender inequality remains a challenge in many parts of the world.

The appeal of South African wine and the Japanese wine market

In this webinar, as a pair to the webinar on Japanese SAKE, we focus on South African wine. Speakers introduce the specificity and diversity of South African wine and how the Japanese market and consumers receive them.

The globalization of Japanese popular culture and fandom in South Africa

Japanese popular culture goods and content have gained global prominence and influence over the past decades, also in Africa. In this webinar, experts discuss the economic and cultural significance of the South African anime and manga fandom and the factors that shape the popular culture market in this setting.

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